Cooking Class Testimonials


“Chef T,

What an amazing experience to have you share your passion and love of food with us. Your attention to detail, menu selection and presentation was exquisite. You took us on a journey that left us wanting to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine.

A wonderful experience for the seasoned chef or the novice. I look forward to many more cooking adventures.”
~ Lynn M. (March 25th class)

“Theresa’s cooking classes introduce participants to new flavours, to food products they may not have used before, and cooking techniques native to Asian cooking you can apply to everyday meals. A combination of demonstration and participation, every class includes food tasting and meal planning, with participants leaving with bellies full, printed copies of all recipes, and new ways of thinking about Asian Cuisine.”
~Patti (March 25th class)

“I found Theresa’s class very helpful in advancing my knowledge of Vietnamese cooking. I gained insights from her introduction of the various ingredients. With her recipes and instruction, I was able to replicate all the dishes at home. The Vietnamese hot and soup with prawns was particularly delicious. ”
~ Carla (April 29th class)

“The class was a lot of fun and catered well to all levels. The atmosphere was light and encouraging. Theresa and her staff were very friendly and well prepared. The instruction offered a nice balance of technical knowledge as well as experiential cooking. The food tasted great with good sized portions and the class of wine was a nice touch!”
~ Charlotte A. (March 25th class)

“I recently attended a Vietnamese cooking class hosted by Theresa Pham which was really enjoyable. Theresa is a fantastic chef, fine teacher, and keeps things very simple for her students to easily learn how to prepare amazing Vietnamese dishes including the classy veggie flower garnishes. We learned how to prepare delicious salad rolls with Tamarind dipping sauce which I thought were much better than most served in restaurants. She also showed us how to quickly make a very nice spicy-tangy Hot and Sour Prawn soup as well as a spectacular dish of Wild BC Sockeye Salmon with a Tamarind Maple Syrup sauce. A great creative idea to have the Canadian Maple fusion twist added to the recipe Chef T! The Sunday afternoon was truly a great experience and I highly recommend her classes for anyone who would like to experience something new with incredibly tasty Asian cooking!”

~ Mark M. (April 29th class)

“I really enjoyed the class!

Especially making the salad rolls from scratch. All fresh ingredients from the market.

I found it was interesting to learn about new ingredients and products from Vietnam that I know now I can found here in Vancouver. I loved all the fresh herbs and the pineapple was a beautiful combination in the soup Actually that was my favourite dish. The food was excellent and very tasty. Thank you chef T!”
~ Natalie C. (April 29th class)

“After many years of enjoying Vietnamese cuisine I decided to take a cooking class with Chef T and learn how to make some of the dishes that I love. Theresa’s class was exactly what I was looking for, professional, informative and most importantly taught with a real passion for delicious food. We learned how to make hot and sour prawn soup, tamarind salmon and finally we learned how to properly wrap those salad rolls. She makes it all look easy, and provides a thorough ingredient list that includes where to buy everything. I look forward to the next class and creating some more delicious dishes!””
~ Dominic M. (April 29th class)

“When we heard about Chef T’s cooking class, my partner and I thought it would be a really neat, fun and new sort of date night experience for the two of us, so we signed up to try it out. It was all of that and more! We learned quite a bit, ate delicious food, and met new, interesting people. Theresa is very kind and informative about the products used in her cuisine. If you’re looking for a fresh experience and want to eat delicious food while you’re at it, this is a great place to add to your list!”
~ Nicole and Myron (April 29th class)

“I had an amazing experience at Chef T’s All Rice class today. The class incorporated both demo style along with hands on preparation of the food. Theresa’s passion for cooking is very evident; she treats cooking as an art and encourages creativity in our plating. Following the class we relaxed with a glass of wine and sat down with our fellow food lovers to enjoy the delicious dishes we had prepared. I would definitely be interested in attending another class!”
~ Daisy (May 27th class)

Catering Testimonials


“At Blaq Sheep Fine Coffee & Grazing House we have carried Chef T wraps for three years and they have been one of our consistent best sellers. A number of our regular customers come in each day just for her wraps, especially the vegetarian Zen and the Gluten Free Thai Chicken wraps. Always fresh and full of flavor, Chef T wraps have been one of the most valuable additions to our selection of high quality foods.”
~ Dominic (Manager)

“At UBC Bean around the World we thrive on providing products that set us apart from others. Chef T’s wraps were picked as they are filled with quality and natural ingredients and rich in flavour. Chef T also adds her passion for food through the use of rich flavourful herbs and Asian influence. My favourite is the gluten free Thai Chicken wrap. It is loaded with taste not calories. It always leaves me craving for a second. But everyone has their own favourite. You decide.”
~ Elsie (Owner)

“Chef T wraps were an instant favorite for me, my daughters and my staff. We also had the wraps catered to the seminars at UBC campus, the students were very happy with such tasty treats. You can taste the distinct spices that make them very flavorful. The wraps are a quick and easy lunch choice with a comforting feeling after you eat one.”
~ Denise (Scotiabank)

“Our whole family enjoys Chef T’s wraps. They’re healthy & tasty and filled with lots of meat, vegetables and flavour. Our kids (8 and 11) favourite school lunche is Theresa’s wraps. Thumbs up from this family.”
~ Andrea B (Vancouver, BC)

“Chef T wraps are practical freezer items to have on hand year-round. Complete protein, carbs, fresh herbs and spices all in one small, tasty bundle! Quick and easy to prepare even without a microwave. Chicken mango and vegan gluten-free wraps are my favourites.”
~ Deb Suzuki (Burnaby, BC)